Data Visualisation

Borough IT‘s ‘Knowledge Hub’ solution unlocks raw data and presents it back to users in a secure, simple to use format. This enables easy access of valuable insights into your business, and averages within the industry.

Borough IT can put your data to work for the benefit of all stakeholders:

  • A secure, user-friendly platform gives all members instant access to their own data
  • Enable members to compare their own performance with that of the market average
  • Empower your members to improve the profit and efficiency of their businesses on the basis of information provided by you
  • Consolidate your position as the leading expert and source of information on your sector
  • Drive higher compliance by easily tracking pass/fail rates
  • Identify training needs by filtering specific failure issues
  • Use the insights revealed in the data to exploit sales and marketing opportunities

Through a comparison with data from readily open sources, such as the Office of National Statistics, external factors, such as climate or economy, can also be factored in.