Scheduling Systems

The Borough IT inspection app and CRM system manages client relationships by effectively scheduling appointments through reliable software. The app can be configured based on user and company needs, and can be built to function for multiple types of surveys (eg. Management / Refurbishment)

Solution Overview

  • A mobile app and admin system that talk to each other
  • Allows inspectors/surveyors to record and report in real-time
  • Ensures compliance of industry regulations
  • Processes data exchange between other systems
  • Can automate administration processes, e.g.: letter generation
  • Lower health and safety risks for lone workers by tracking location of inspections

The system can also integrate with existing registration management systems, enabling your business to continue to use them if preferred.

The app and system consists of:

  • A CRM for appointment booking
    • Jobs assigned based on geographical region
    • Platform using Google Map technology to identify best routes
    • Ability to schedule inspections/surveys against set quota
  • Android tablet and phone app for on-site inspections/surveys
    • Offline mode – Results can be recorded when offline and are automatically synced when connectivity is restored.
    • With photo upload capability
    • Configurable question set, permitting various inspection/survey types
    • Ability to record notes and add attachments to inspections